Next to Between Clenched Teeth, this may be the most difficult puzzle, with lots of layers meaning.  It may be the most complicated to explain and render too.
This song is about the two sides of god—the one that knows charity vs. the one that churches sometimes put forward which is hatred or hypocrisy or greed.  They are the same church, so the question asked is how can all of that come from the same place?

Constraint 1

To mirror this, the rhymes all actually don’t rhyme, but spell like they do. Here, for example, are the rhyme pairs:

Ways | Says
Lord | Word
Water | Later
Christ | Wrist
Sorry | Worry
Picked | Wicked
Stretched | Wretched

While they spell like they should rhyme, like perfect rhyme pairs, they don’t and aren’t, they are words seemingly the same behaving differently. Does this make sense? So “ways” and “says” to a non-native would spell like rhymes but they don’t read like rhymes. The idea is that this reflects underlyingly the two sides of one church. Should be the same church, but two different results. But WAIT! There’s more…


Constraint 2

Notice in the rhymes above that at least one of the words has a “W” in it. Every single rhyme pair therefore, has at least one letter W in it. Why you ask? Say the letter W–“double you” — two sides of the church. And to add further to the symbolic fun note that a W, when done with the hand, also serves as the number 3, the Christian Trinity.


Constraint 3

Following this religious meaning further, each verse is 12 lines, with a 13th orphaned line (eg “stomp, rage? Mysterious Ways…”, 13 being 1 Jesus and the 12 apostles.  Unlucky 13.


Constraint 4

There are 3 verses, for, as Christians would say, the father, the son and the holy ghost.