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Between Clenched Teeth

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This song is based on french author Georges Perec’s book “les revenentes” which also has no a, i, o, or u’s.  This is called a lipogram.  Keep in mind, a lipogram can be the choice of leaving out ANY letter, not just the ones I chose.  If you chose Z, your lipogram would be easier to write!

The video follows the unsustainable perfection of Ms. Yvette DeBeers, a lady who is “perfectly pretty” and “well-respected” but who “secretly weeps”.  What is not immediately obvious is that her nature is analog for the song, lyrically structured as an unsustainably difficult lipogram that avoids the use of the letters “a”, “i”, “o” and “u”.  Both the song and the lady’s perfection prove ultimately unsustainable.  The video chronicles the dance between creator and created and their ultimate unraveling and destruction.

Sample Lyrics
She‘s perfectly pretty, well respected, never seems stressed, she‘s the best

Slender, svelte legs, pert chest, well-heeled, even-keeled, yes, everywhyre blessed,

My, my, my, the mystery temptress seems extremely fly

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